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Whether you’re looking for an employee or an employer, allow us to mediate the process and ensure that you’re connected with the ideal match.

    Whether you are looking for talent or looking for a job, Mega Professionals has a long track record of connecting the right candidates with the right businesses.

    MEGA Candidates Trust the Process




    Mega has an open door policy. Everyone is welcome. Let's talk résumé.



    Mega wants to learn more about you and your ideal workplace.



    Mega will contact our clients on your behalf and we will find the job that you're looking for.


    Meet and Greet

    Mega’s project manager introduces you to the client and ensures that the job is right for you.



    Mega will assist you in your new environment. Let your talent shine through.


    Mega's Dedication

    Mega’s promise doesn’t end with placement. Regular follow-ups will take place to ensure that you’ve adapted and flourished in your new role.

    How Mega Differentiates

    So, you’re hired, and you’ve started your new gig at a location you’ve barely explored, with your new team that you’ve barely met… sounds scary. Well, Mega is here to assist you. We want you to know that at Mega, we value you.

    Other staffing companies want to bring you in, process you, and deploy you as quickly as possible. Other staffing companies are transient. and want to sell you for profit. Other staffing companies want to use you as needed – whether that means one day a week, two times a month, or maybe, just maybe, full time for a short stretch. Who really knows what they want? Their needs seem to change from week to week.

    We set ourselves apart because we don’t see you as a number. We value your time. We value your family. We value full-time employment. We value your comfort. We value communication. We consider each of these factors when meeting you and potentially bringing you aboard.

    This is also why we have installed long-term commitments to our employee base – we offer health and dental, we offer 401K, we offer PTO. The other guys don’t.

    And this is why when you are hired and deployed, you will see a Mega rep on site. You will have access to Mega management. You will never be alienated in your new venture… because it is our venture as well.

    Oftentimes, employees don’t know where to turn to, or don’t know how to communicate an issue. Speaking with unknown managers in a new and unfamiliar setting can be daunting.

    That’s where we step in – our on-site managers follow a chain of command that enables them to send your questions, comments and concerns upstream, and allow Mega to address them with the people that matter.

    Allow us to swiftly find a resolution. Mega values this extra layer of communication. It creates value for our employees and builds trust and value with our clients alike. We know you need better staffing. So, we are staffing better.

    MEGA Clients Trust the Process



    Resumé Analysis & Phone Interview

    The first look at any prospective employee comes from their work history. We like their resumé and they deserve a phone call.


    Meet & Greet, ID’s & Paperwork

    It’s time to shake hands in person, have a formal interview, and gather proper documentation, i.e. driver’s license, passport, SS card, etc.


    Invest in our Employees á la carte

    We put our time and resources into employee on-boarding as requested. MVR, criminal background, drug screen, etc.


    Placement & Quality Control

    Mega’s true value as a staffing firm comes when the job actually starts. Our on-site management provides an extra layer of security to our clientele.

    Our Companies

    With over 40 years of experience in the transportation sector, Mega has the solutions your business needs to optimize and maintain the services and machinery you need to be as efficient as possible.

    The Mega Transportation Group

    The parent company and headquarters of all Mega properties.



    Mega Logistics

    Ensuring that product is delivered on time and at the right price.

    Mega Professionals

    Matching and array of qualified professionals to our clients.



    Mega Truck Repair

    Repairing and maintaining trailer fleets.

    The MEGA Professionals Team

    Steve Mega

    General Manager

    Manny Francis

    Accounts / Operations

    Mike Mega


    Jimmie Gramajo

    Project Manager

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